Your new puppy – what kind of bed

So you’ve got a new puppy or you’re thinking about getting one…
You can now look forward to hours of happiness with your new furry friend.
Of course, you need to make sure you have everything to hand to ensure your puppy remains healthy and happy at all times.
As well as providing an appropriate place to sleep and eat, you will have to consider those essential items to help you correctly train and stimulate your pup.
Don’t worry if you have no clue or are a complete novice when it comes to puppy care because we have you covered in this quick and easy guide to Puppy Essentials.
By the time you’ve read through this, you will know all you need to know to properly equip your home and your pet with those must-have puppy products.

  1. Dog Bed

When you first bring your puppy home, you will need to provide him or her with a comfy bed where he can stretch out or snuggle up.
Until your pup is housetrained, this will be in his crate or kennel and some beds you can buy are specifically designed for this purpose.
These include those smaller beds or bumper beds covered in washable fleece or sheepskin that can easily be placed in a crate or kennel.
Both fleece and sheepskin will keep your puppy cosy but you also need to make sure that your crate or kennel is placed in a draught-free position that is also out of direct sunlight.
Once your pup is housetrained, he or she is ready to move on to a real dog bed and there is a vast array to choose from, including beds and baskets made from safe, sustainable materials and even those you can match to your home décor.
What is most important is to select a size that will grow with your pup while enabling him to feel safe and secure. Most beds now come with removable, washable covers and you can choose from a variety of stuffings including cotton and recycled materials.
If your pup starts to chew this, you need to replace it with a folded towel or blanket until he is over this chewing phase.
It’s not a good idea to encourage your pup to sleep on your own or your kids’ beds because even the cleanest, healthiest pup can transmit germs and pests such a fleas and ticks it has picked up.

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